Some More Amazing Lego Creations

Some artists use paint,others use bronze for creating works of art but the Lego artists use toy building blocks to do the same.

District 9 Mecha Suit

LEGO mecha 3.0

Lego Rocketeer Top



Circle Triangle Square

For more amazing Lego Creations visit this Flickr Group.

Top Ten Hilarious Wine Brand Names

The fruity drinkable wine is a plonk.

The wine comes from "Coopers Creek" and they make a donation to the local SPCA.

They mislabeled the grape type for such a long time that they decided to call it "Oops!"

Translation : Wine of Shite.

Tagline : "What's domestic bliss without a little wine? "

No wonder BusinessWeek has called FAT bastard a "marketing phenomenon"

Apparently it is an elephant on a light rope,seems to be having fun.

The Blasted Church is a small estate winery located in Okanagan Falls in Canada.

The back label repeats it 77 times, followed by "some more".That's a shit load of bitches on that bottle.

Arrogant frog arrogant wine,it makes you arrogant for sure.

Deadly Viruses Turned into Dazzling Glass Sculptures

The world's deadliest viruses and bacteria ranging from HIV to Swine Flu have been converted into amazing and out of this world glass sculptures.The hands behind this brilliant work of Art are those of Luke Jerram from Bristol,UK

Swine Flu Virus
Depicted here is H1N1 – better known as the swine flu virus.

E.Coli Bacteria
Deadly E.coli bacteria looking deadlier in galss form.

H1N1 Virus
Looking not so threatening now.

Small Pox,Flu and Hiv Lined Up

Sars Virus
A beautiful depiction of Sars Virus.

Small Pox
An avoid glass representation of Small pox virus.

14 Most Amazing Life like Statues

You might have seen people standing in the streets pretending to be statues and freaking out passers by in your downtown vicinity during the summers.All of them have now gathered at the Live Statues Contest in the Russian city of Sochi.

Photos courtesy : Trinixy