Atomic Memory :The Future of Data Storage

Have you ever imagined a CD with a storage space of 650 million MB instead of 650MB ?? If not then think again because scientists around the world have theoretically proved this fact now.Work is already under progress on this concept.
The concept of atomic memory or (atomic storage) is basically nano-technology approach to computer data storage that works with bits and atoms on individual level.The data storage methods being used today use millions of atoms to store a single bit.The new atomic storage technique will allow a bit of data to be stored in a single atom which obviously means a million times worth morre data per atom as compared to the older techniques.

IBM are working on a project code named "Millipede" which will enable the storage of a data worth 25million printed text book pages on a surface that is the size of a postage stamp.This means a storage capacity of Trillion bits per square inch which is 20 times higher than the densest magnetic storage available today.

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