Deadly Viruses Turned into Dazzling Glass Sculptures

The world's deadliest viruses and bacteria ranging from HIV to Swine Flu have been converted into amazing and out of this world glass sculptures.The hands behind this brilliant work of Art are those of Luke Jerram from Bristol,UK

Swine Flu Virus
Depicted here is H1N1 – better known as the swine flu virus.

E.Coli Bacteria
Deadly E.coli bacteria looking deadlier in galss form.

H1N1 Virus
Looking not so threatening now.

Small Pox,Flu and Hiv Lined Up

Sars Virus
A beautiful depiction of Sars Virus.

Small Pox
An avoid glass representation of Small pox virus.


  1. Very creative...amazing how one can make art out of more or less anything

  2. Not really more or less anything. Nature has some of the most amazing mathematical structures.

    These are beautiful.

  3. umm, granted any virus can be deadly... SARS and H1N1 are huge underachievers and E.Coli isn't even a virus...