Amazing Illusions

Scary Family Photo
Try to count the number of dots on the dress of the girl standing in the back.
What is your count ??


Scary House

Look at the center of the room and concentrate for 15 seconds. Dont be too scared at what you see and dont scream too loud :)


How long can you focus ??

Dont try to concentrate for too long on this one because you might get an headache :)

The painted Car

Only if you look closely you realize that its not a real car but a painted one.

Strange Eyes
Loooking closely at this picture below you will see that the eyes are actually closed and it is actually a tatoo of an open eye on this girl's eyes.


  1. ugly

  2. I love the optical illusion of the car in the parking. I have also browse other photo where the car painted with resemblace to the parking lot and bricks which makes it invisible.

  3. I love the optical illusion..

  4. Those are mighty fine images. The eye-painted lids looks creepy, but awesome. The painted car seems like the one on this page:

  5. great pics great sooo sexy and nude and coooool aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  6. i love the painted look likes a hologram to me..