How to add Animated Gif images on Blogger

This is a serious problem a lot of the bloggers have been facing on their blogspot websites.Well i am solving this problem for all of you once and for all.
First of all you need to know why gif images appear as static images on your blog when you upload them through the ususal method of the " upload image " tab in the Blogger posting area .Well the thing is,Blogger uses Picasa Web albums to store all the uploaded images and the problem with Google's Picasa is that it does not support Gif images so when you put those images on your blog only a static version of it appears there.

To solve this problem i personally recommend a tried and tested solution.What you need to do is whichever gif image you need to put on your blog ,first upload it to a image hosting service such as Photobucket.Its very simple , just create an account on Photobucket and upload your image,get the html code for the image and then use the HTML code to successfully veiw your animation on your post through the Edit Html tab.
Here is an example:

I hope this works out for you.Have fun Blogging.

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