Autonomobile - The Car That Drives Itself

If you are a bad driver and you think driving is not fun then the designers from San Francisco industrial Design Studio have come up with just the thing you want.They have named it "Autonomobile" and as the name suggests it is a vehicle that can drive itself.This is the same studio that collaborated with google to design the google phone.This new design if made practical could redefine the vehicular paradigm and would allow the human race to take a giant leap towards technological brilliance.


The Design
The Autonomobile or ATNMBL as its designers call it is all about being slow and steady and ofcourse autonomous.This is an environment friendly powered by separate electric motors
for each wheel which makes it an all-wheel drive vehicle.Additional power is provided solar panels mounted on top of the roof.Some of its other features are :
  • Auto Navigation through GPS,Radar,Lidar,accelerometers,stereo camera.
  • A wrap around seating arrangement with a couch, a side chair and a low table that creates a living room environment.
  • Driverless navigation through voice recognition technology and touch screen remote.
  • Electric galss sliding door placed at a standing-height entry way.
  • All wheel Drive with motors on each wheel
  • Densely packed and simplified mechanical components
  • Internet connectivity and open source software architecture
  • A centrally oriented large flat display provides live trip info,entertainment and maps.
  • Large floor to ceiling panaromic windows and asytmetrical from every view.
  • Accomodates seven passengers oriented towards each other
  • Less accidents.
Key Benefits
  • No need for driving license which is good news for childern and disabled
  • Eco friendly- no emissions which is a big plusEnd of discomfort and hassle of driving
  • The centrally placed display can slide to reveal a bar behind it which allows you to drink while driving.
  • No searching for parking place - it can park itself.
  • Saves precious time by reclaiming our commute time.

    This concept is not expected to take shape before 2040 but in my view this is too audacious for the near future.A radical cultural revolution and a whole new system of traffic will have to established before letting the autonomobiles drive us to our destination.Furthermore there are people who want to actually drive the car and enjoy a certain sense of power,control and freedom when driving which become void when a car drives by itslef.But then again it is one's own personal opinion and depends on whether you want to drive or like being driven.

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  1. This is like a car out of a science fiction film. With that said, I do not think this will be an easy sell. I mean human driving behavior will have to be considered. We can be unpredictable on the road.