Top Ten Amazing Car Designs

At present if we have a look around at the cars being designed there is an obvious feeling of "SAME OLD SAME OLD" and one has to wonder when would there be a car that would just blow your mind off.Engineers and automobile companies also realize the same thing and that is why there has been a lot of behind the scene work done on "Futuristic Car Designs" but it will take a lot of time before we can actually see those amzaing cars on our streets and showrooms around the world.
Here is a list of my pesonal favourite car concepts that would hopefully be turned into reality in the future.

Audi Shark
This Desire Design Competetion winning car is the brainchild of a turkish designer Kazim Doku.
It is actually a futuristic flying concept hovercraft with the streamlined design inspired by motorcycles and aeroplanes.

Cadillac Converj
This car was developed by General Motors and it was revealed for the first time at the 2009 North American International Auto Show.This concept car can do 40miles(64miles) on its electrically charged battery with a reasonable top speed of 160 km/h(100mph) .The company is planning to bring this one on the roads by 2012.

Lincoln C Concept
This new luxury car was showed off at Detroit Auto Show 2009 with the idea that luxury cars don't necessarily have to be big.The Ford designers describe this beauty as "Its big on the inside, not on the outside" and rightly so.

Maserati Chicane
This car was designed by a group of graduate students creating rumours of a smaller Maserati in the making due to its small dimensions.The Chicane is 4.4meters in lebgth and 1.85meters in width. This is a real wheel drive powered by a V8 engine.

Land Rover LRX
Winner of the "Concept Truck of The Year" at the North American Concept Vehicle of The year Awards , this is an ecofriendly hybrid with reduced CO2 emissions.The LRX is heading to productions and is believed to be out in 2011.

Saab Aero-X
This is a 4-wheel drive concept car revealed back in 2006 at the Salon internaionale de l'Auto.Powered with a 2.6 litre turbocharged V-6 engine it produces 400hp and does 0-60mph- in 4.9 secs with a top speed of 255km/h(156mph) .

Mazda Kazamai
The Kazamai is japanese for "Wind of Change" .This car uses Mazda's nextgen 2litre DISI petrol engine and possesses a 6 speed gearbox.

Mercedes F500
Revealed by Mercedes in 2003 this concept car is capable of nightvision using infrared headlights with a visual range of as long as 500feet.

Mazda Nagare

Also called "Flow" in Japanese this concept car was launched by mazda in 2006 at the LA Auto Show.This is how mazda plan their cars to look like in 2020.

RCA Concept Car

This concept car is regarded by many as the best in the world as it defines the way to our mobile futures.


  1. I can't even buy a demo I mean a small prototype car in this list :D

  2. Hey Shady, this is an excellent top ten list. The Maserati Chicane looks awesome, I would totally buy that car if they made it commercially and if I could afford it. You can cross-post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  3. Hi,Vincetastic . I am glad that you like this list.I will be happy to cross-post it to you website.

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  5. The Lincoln C Concept is like a clown car. Big on the inside not on the outside. ;-)

  6. some designs are cool some are just weird

  7. I love all the concept cars. Cant wait to see it roving the road. If this will be finalize, hope it still affordable.

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