Firefox or Google Chrome : Which one is Better ?

With the launch of firefox 3.5 which is the latest version of Firexfox google chrome has already been surpassed in popularity according to some recently collected data by Net Applications , a company that tracks usage on the internet.
There is no doubt about the fact that Google Chrome is much faster than firefox when it comes to web browsing but still there are a lot of reasons why users are sticking with Firefox.

1. Firefox is is more portable than google chrome i-e it can be run from a usb drive whereas google chrome does not have this feature yet.

2.Firefox is found to be using a lot less memory than google chrome,during peak usage firefox uses 73% less memory than chrome.

3. Google chrome's incognito mode(hidden browsing) lets the users secure and private browsing while keeping no record in the history about the pages visited while firefox does not support this feature.

4. The Add-on feature of firefox is a major contributor of its edge over google chrome.

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