Windows 7 : A Preview


Windows 7 is the next in line operatin system due to be laucnched in 2010. A beta testing version was leaked over the internet in 2008 which has been undergoing constant testing and tweaks since then.

Compatibility And Requirements
Windows 7 is designed to run on the same software requirements as vista.It requires a minimum of 20GB hard disk space and 1GB ram.According to microsoft this new version of windows will be compatible with applications and device drivers that were being used for vista.This new version has built in suport for aplicatons and devices such as music players,external storage devices,mobile phones and other connected devices.

Microsoft clearly has learned a lesson from Vista and now they have tailor made windows 7 to have a considerably less startup and shutdown 7 is takes as much as 15 seconds less time to startup which is huge , infact it is even comparable to a fully updated version of windows Xp .

Appearance and New Features

Windows 7 provides a new and fully customizable user interface . The enhanced taskbar has interactive thumbnails, and enables animation and interaction for minimized applications.The quicklaunch toolbar has been replace with a dock like bar where the user can drag and drop the applications according to his own choice which is a very useful feature.

Apart from the new taskbar there are also new features such as hand writing recogniton and support for virtual hard drives.It also has a new version of Windows Media Center,windows powershell and a new and improved calculator.
Windows Security Center has been renamed to Windows Action Center that encompasses both the security and maintenance of the system.

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