World's Largest Barbecue World Record

I recently made a post about World's Biggest Bacon Sandwich World Record and now some ravenous hungry men have done something similar to it by breaking the Guinness world record for the largest one day open air barbecue.

More than 30,000 people from Mariano Rosque Alonso,Paraguay set out to establish a world record of creating the world record.The task included grilling 28,000 kilos(61,000 pounds) in less than 6 hours,and then the barbecue had to be eaten up within 8 hours.The enhusiatic participants did so in record timing eating an average of 2 pounds per person.

Known locally as “Todo bicho que camina va al asador,” the event name translates into English as “Every critter walking goes to the barbecue.”In achieving this world record this paraguayan town shattered a previous eat-a-thon record of 21,000 kilos that was held in Philadelphia,1996.

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  1. One wonders whether the proceeds went to all the worlds starving population...I sure hope so...this was an amazing feat for all that..I quite enjoyed it